Uzbekistan news

11, November 2017 in the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Uzbekistan Republic the event was conducted. There was a selector meeting, which had a theme called ‘The role of patriotic education in the higher and secondary special education system’. The meeting was provided by ‘VETERAN’ association of the warriors and disabled people of Uzbekistan, also the convocation was organized by ‘VATANPARVAR FIDOLARI’ group.
In the session, which was conducted according to the plan of the prime-minister, the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of Uzbekistan, the specialists in spiritual and education work of ‘MANA’VIYAT VA MA’RIFAT’ and the deans of all of the institutes in Tashkent, Tashkent region, Karakalpak Republic and the whole quantity of the Uzbekistan regions (The two last were participating by a video accommodation). To summarize, there were almost 83 higher educational establishments.
There was some time for people to protrude. They were Kengatash members of ‘VETERAN’ association, Talat Muradov ( the chairperson of the union), Murat Saliyev ( the colonel of frontier troops), Khayrulla Sagdullayev ( the colonel of people’s security), Ilimdar Ilyasov ( the colonel of air force) and Mirvasli Nurmatov ( the financial director of the “Khordik” newspaper ).
The participants pointed the importance of the utterance of the president of Uzbekistan Republic, Shavkat Mirziyoyev , about the necessity of the realization of the ‘ purposes of children education as rounded and patriotic citizens of the government. They must be high qualified employees, who are always in guaranteed social protection.’ Due to this, there started a work process of strengthening patriotic education in every educational agency.
During the meeting, the veterans marked the irreplaceable role of the tutors and mentors in the life of each person, especially in the growing up. ‘One third of the Uzbekistan population is the youth. And our common aim is to inoculate the patriotism, love to the native land to the young minds. We can also use our example or the example of the heroes of the country’.
The documental film ‘Unforgotten heroes’ were included in the program. The movie was about warriors of the Afghanistan War and was produced by the 5th studio of the National Agency ‘Uzbekkino’ according to the ask of ‘VETERAN’ association and The Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan.
After showing, the administration of the Ministry of the higher and secondary special education and the tutorials applauded to the heroes of the film, standing. They thanked for the patriotism and express the willingness to conduct extra lessons among the students to talk about patriotism. ‘We are able to glorify the heroes of our land. The film is a life story, the people are our contemporaries. We can respect them for their work, which they do at the meantime, talking about their feats and the feats of the people, who died heroically.’
Within the framework of the event there were songs about dead warriors. The songs were provided by Alisher Khamrayev, the laureate of the republican competition, the director of ‘VATANPARVAR FIDOILARI’ group.
This event is a new step in promoting ideology of patriotism, which the president of our government points from the first days.